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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Day 254. Octopus Garden Yoga & CrossFit Toronto *DD

Wednesday September 11, 2013

Back On It

Okay. I've been lacking of late. While I've still been doing activities of some sort I have drifted far from the meatier blog posts of when I was able to curate the Toronto fitness community at will. For the past 2 months I have been working really hard learning to web develop and committing the majority of my time and effort to that. Since I haven't had a fitness budget since June I've resorted to partaking in a lot of individual type workouts when I've been too exhausted to go to CrossFit Toronto. I'm very excited that I'm now a part of the CrossFit Toronto blogging team and you'll be able to catch more CrossFit specific content on their website within the next week.

Well. I'm back. And with a great team. In the picture below I have Duncan on the far left, my coding buddy and roommate, and on the far right I have Jamie, my roommate who is currently at UofT for medicine. I'll get to that cool dude in the singlet in a moment. Duncan, Jamie and I represent a men's yoga brand called Soh Calm. I would urge you all to check them out, we'll be rocking the gear in all sorts of classes across Toronto. It is made in Toronto and eco-friendly. Think of the Rolls Royce of sweat pants. BOOM! See you on your mats.

Octopus Garden

Ahhhhh. Back to yoga. While I've done yoga in my room several times since the last time I was in a studio it doesn't quite compare. Practicing in an amazing environment like OG, with a determined community and under the guidance of a great teacher like David Good is the way it should be done. I'm glad I chose David's class to get back into it as he is by far one of the best Toronto has to offer. He is a very passionate and supportive individual, he helped me out on my 108th day with 108 sun salutations. Wow, that feels so long ago! I'll continue to go back to his classes and he is frequently who I refer my friends to, both beginner and regulars. He has an amazing way of making all moves applicable to 100% of participants and making everyone feel welcome with his lighthearted nature and positivity. He throws in some good jokes here and there and I have to say that he had my eyeballs feel like they were melting into the back of my head after shavasana a really good way, it felt so relaxing.

You'll have to go to one of his classes for the full experience.

CrossFit Toronto

Holy cow am I sore from feels good. And today Duncan and I really pushed ourselves to produce our best result. The tabata involved a lot of strategic thinking as it was your lowest score that was your end score out of the 8 rounds. A tabata is 8 rounds with 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. This tabata involved pull ups and burpees.

Duncan and I both set personal goals to be L1 certified by September 2014 so the time is now to get to a competitive level! 

Strength / Skill

  • Pull-up
  • Burpee
Clean 2 reps @ 60%, 2 reps @ 65%, 2 reps @ 70%, 1 rep @ 75%, 3×1 rep @ 80%
Front squat 3 reps @ 70%, 3 reps @ 75%, 3×2 reps @ 80%
GHD hip extension 3×10-15 reps
Complete 8 Tabata intervals (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) at each station:
*Alternate pull-ups and burpees
Mobility work

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